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The Old English Sheepdog - Standard Poodle Hybrid

The Sheepadoodle is gentle with children and always calm.
The Sheepadoodle is very intelligent, which makes them very easily trainable.
The Sheepadoodle is a hybrid dog breed that is made up of a combination of two different purebreds:
Old English Sheepdog and Standard Poodle.
The Sheepadoodle is acclimated to family living and has a wonderful temperament.
They are loyal, affectionate, devoted, alert, and active.
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Sheepadoodle of Feathers and Fleece Farm

The ideal Sheepadoodle is well-proportioned, muscular, and strong.
They should be sturdy and hardy in appearance and possess an intelligent and lively expression.
A Sheepadoodle is considered a designer breed because their puppies have the best traits of both breeds.
They are nearly 100%  hypoallergenic with long and soft coats that range anywhere from straight to curly.
The coat of a Sheepadoodle is generally medium to long in length and may be straight, slightly wavy, curly, or a combination.
Poodles coats are considered non-shedding and Old English Sheepdogs are considered to be, on average, approximately 85% hypoallergenic.
When crossing an Old English Sheepdog with a Poodle, you significantly increase the dog's hypoallergenic factor to nearly 100%.
As a hybrid cross, Sheepadoodles will inherit fur that looks Sheepdog-like, or Poodle-like, but usually something in between.
Unclipped Sheepadoodle will have hair about 4-7 inches long, shorter on the face and longer on the body, tail, and legs.
They require combing every few weeks.
Depending on how often the dog is groomed, clipped Sheepadoodles are groomed several times a year.
Sheepadoodle puppies are incredibly intelligent and easily trained.
They make for wonderful family pet and can even be very good health care service dogs or guidance dogs.
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