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Ready For A New Feathers And Fleece Farm Puppy?

Are you ready for a new puppy?

At Feathers And Fleece we believe that owning a new puppy should not be a hasty or snappy decision.
The decision to bring a living animal into your home is a big one and you should be prepared.
That is why at Feathers And Fleece we flood you with information from the moment you place your deposit.
Once you place your deposit we assemble and mail a puppy packet to each client to best help
 them prepare for their new family member.
At Feathers And Fleece we believe this is why we have not had a dog returned or
go to shelter in our more than 20 years of breeding.
The following information will better help new puppy owners decide
 if they are ready to take the plunge into puppy ownership.
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On a personal note .... what an exciting time this is for new puppy owners and their families.
Call on us if you need additional information.

Ready for a new puppy?

A dog from Feathers and Fleece Farm will do his best to please you and keep you smiling.
He will curl up with you when you are feeling down or need some serious relaxation.
He won't hold your mistakes against you or prejudge you for your looks, faults
or lack of know-how.
He will be your friend and will play with you as long as you wish.
He'll forgive you for your mistakes.
Sleeping at your feet and loving to please you, he will enjoy just spending time with you.
Your new dog will do his best to protect you because you are his master now.
However, a dog also relies on you for everything - from his food, water, shelter, leadership, exercise, grooming,
training, veterinary care, companionship, and protection.
It is important to know what you are getting into.
Are you prepared to spend the next 10-15 years of your life taking care of your dog?
Can you afford the added expense of a dog?
When you get a dog, it is a life-long commitment and should not be treated like a piece of furniture
that you can just "get rid of" when you get tired of it.
After all, this dog will be part of your family.
Would you get rid of your children because you were tired of them wetting their beds?
Are you prepared for your responsibility?
Do you understand natural dog behavior?
Do you understand what makes a dog tick and what is naturally needs as a canine animal?
Are you willing to invest the time that it may take?
A dog's temperament is a direct result of the owner's ability to understand him and give him what he needs.

The decision to get a dog needs to be carefully thought out.
There are many different breeds and many different needs.
For example, A Feathers and Fleece Farm Sheepadoodle will need to be groomed 2-3 times a year.
Newfoundlands and Komondors only need grooming about once a year.
Honestly, think about it and do your homework.
Think about your family as it is right now and how it will be in the future.
Every family has its own needs, schedule, personality, medical problems, space, and time limitations.
If you think hard and look at your family's situation, you can match a dog that will fit your lives nicely, instead
of making things more difficult.
A few things to consider may be: Is anyone in your family allergic to dog hair?
Feathers And Fleece Farm Dogs are hypoallergenic.
Do you have children?
Feathers And Fleece Farm dogs love children.
Are you going to have children within the next 10-15 years?
Do you have friends who visit your home who have children?
Are you prepared to learn how to teach your child how to display leadership toward the dog?
Do you mind holes being dug in your yard?
Some dogs like to dig if they hear something moving underground, while others are less likely to dig.
Giant Schnauzers are more likely to dig than Komondors or Newfoundlands.
Do you mind if your dog has a tendency to wander away from home, or would you rather
have a dog that would be more likely to stick close to home?
Some hunting breeds will roam if they catch a scent of another animal; it is in their nature, while others
have a strong instinct to stick close to home.

All dogs, regardless of breed, size or energy level need to be taken on a daily walk.
Within each and every litter at Feathers & Fleece Farm, there are pups born with different energy and dominance levels.
You need to choose a dog whose energy level matches or is lower than your own.
The staff at Feathers And Fleece will assist you in making this decision.
If your family is not very active, do not choose a puppy with a higher energy level.
If you are a laid-back family, do not choose a pup with a higher dominance level.
The degree of exercise varies.
Some dogs need daily vigorous exercise and you would need to take it out every day for a run and a
nice long walk, while others will get enough exercise with a shorter walk and by running inside of your house.
Some dogs need a job to do or they will become restless, bored, very destructive or unruly.
Other dogs will settle for just a short walk.
Some can be highly obedience-trained, while others cannot.

All dogs are different, as well as all families are different.
Find a dog that fits well into your family, so you and your dog can live in harmony.
While it is important to choose the correct breed for your family's lifestyle, it is even more important
to understand a dog is a canine, not a human, and you should treat him accordingly.

It's your choice. Do your homework. Research the different kinds of breeds, or check out our Home page for
descriptions of each breed.
Remember these cute puppies do grow up to be wonderful adult dogs!

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Feathers And Fleece