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One Dog Or Two Feathers And Fleece Farm Puppies?

One Dog or Two?

This is the most common question we get at Feathers And Fleece Farm.
Caution....Feathers And Fleece puppies are stunning, and have high self-esteem.

First of all, dogs are pack animals.
This means that they have an instinct to live with others in a group.
It is not natural for a dog to be alone and it can sometimes be hard for them to accept it.
They see the world different from humans.
To them, there must be an order of the group (or family); someone who is always in control.
In their minds, everyone must have their place.
In order for humans and dogs to coexist, you as the humans must let him know his place in the family.
When dogs live with humans, the humans become their pack.
Dogs must be shown that they are last in the pack order.
A dog may become unhappy if the family/pack order is not clearly addressed.
This may make him feel that he needs to test the order.
When a dog is separated from his pack, he may feel a lot of stress and anxiety.
A lot of destructive behavior comes from the stress of being alone.
It is very common for a dog to be perfectly behaved while at home, yet untrustworthy when you are away.
As humans, we have busy lives and as we tackle our tasks for each day, the dog sees his pack leaving him behind
with no understanding of why.
The first thing you want to do is start exercising with your dog with a long walk right before you leave.
This will put the dog in a rest mode while you are away.
No matter the number of dogs you have, a daily walk is essential in their regular lives.
These walks are not equivalent to just tossing a ball around.
When a dog is lacking in exercise, unruly behavior may start to appear because of his energy bottling up inside.
Without this constant form of exercise, many behavior issues can follow.

Komondors from Feathers & Fleece Farm

Have you ever thought of getting a second dog?
Busy households that must leave their dog home alone for long periods of time may wish to consider it.
This may not cure a dog from chewing your trash while you are gone, as half of his pack is still leaving him..
And hey, that trash is tasty!
However, your dog will be happier.
There are many studies of times when older dogs become active again, playing with the younger dog.
Sometimes dogs are happier simply having another K-9 by their side.
For those of you who have never owned two dogs at one time, it is instinctual for the dogs to compete for attention.
They want to fight to see who is in front of who in the pack order.
This is where humans should be very clear that the humans are the leaders of the pack,
no matter the number of dogs in the household.
This can be accomplished with no hitting or yelling involved.
Challenges between the two dogs should be stopped right away by the human, making it very clear
that inappropriate behavior is not tolerated.

For an average dog owner, a general rule for adding a new dog is:
When you bring a new dog into the home, make sure the dog has the same or lower energy level as the current dog.
This is ideal for a great combo.
When an additional dog moves in that has a much higher energy level, the adjustments can be difficult.
This would lead to a complete "re-do" of pack order, which would cause the dogs to work it out themselves.
An owner who does not know how to guide it into happening peacefully can find themselves with all types of problems.
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Komondor Puppies At Feathers And Fleece

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